My name is John Caulfield. I have been in the photography business for about 10 years but I have daydreamed about it for more than 40 years of fascination.
I look at photography as a way of preserving memories. A way of spreading the Word.

I enjoy shooting events of all sizes. I have gotten more free ringside seats at events than I ever dreamed possible. One of my greatest thrills was doing a shoot of Phillip Rivers (pro quarterback for the San Diego Chargers, if you have to ask!). I actually had to re-position him in the shot. Now for a third string high school quarterback like me, that was quite a moment.

Shooting events for charities and religious events allows me to share and give back to a community that has influenced me for as long as I can remember. Being a cradle Catholic I love taking pictures of Catholic nuns and using the opportunity to kid them when I tell them to stand up straight and smile. I owe those dedicated ladies a lot - they taught me to read.

My family and grand-kids are key subjects. They allow me to capture unique moments - always have a camera ready!

I also enjoy the rush of the moment in wedding photography. Shots that you have got to get with no "do overs". You have to make split second decisions and know your equipment cold to pull this off. It is great fun and you have to be "in the moment".

It is a labor of love.